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"With the lifestyle I am so fortunate to live, I'm blessed with hunting opportunities that most outdoor enthusiasts can only dream of. With time I have learned every adventure is unique to its own, with landscape that's rarely comparable to the last, filled with magnificent creatures, that fill our minds with wonder.

Unfortunately, each journey in the wild, comes to an end, sending me back to the real world, relying on video footage, a few photos and a taxidermist, to help me relive the memories down the road. The photos and video are my responsibility....If I haven't done my job properly, the memories could be somewhat compromised, or misleading. The same goes with a taxidermist, and his ability to recreate a vision of a creature that someone else has lived.

When I connect on a prize animal, and want to protray him the best way possible, to show off his attributes, I trust only Marco Pilon of Sugar Creek Taxidermy Studio to do so.

With each and every piece Marco has done for me, I have been thrilled with the end result. Marco's attention to detail and artistic ability, partnered with how much pride he takes in making each piece the best it can be, is unparalleled.

Whether it's after a long night in the edit suite, alone, or even walking down memory lane with good friends, when I gaze up at one of my mounts done by Sugar Creek Taxidermy Studio, it doesn't take long for it's majesty and realism to bring that moment back to life."

Cody Robbins
Live 2 Hunt - Saskatchewan, Canada - Sugar Creek Taxidermy